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Welcome to Handyman Services I am Eddie your local Handyman in Indiana servicing the counties and communities of Lake, Porter, Illinois, and other surrounding areas. During my years of internship in carpentry, I learned how to install drywall, windows, soffits, gutters, and roofing for new construction, renovation, rehabilitation or restoration along with Handyman services. My proficiency efficiency and attention to detail allowed me to move up quickly to became an experienced journeyman in the field of carpentry. After working for company’s to gain my confidence it inspired me to create Handyman Services and branch out on my own to create pleasant experiences that customers desired such as:

  • Professionalism on projects Consultations with accurate pricing and estimated time frame (barring anything unforeseen)
  • Compassionate customer service
  • Commitment and guarantee of the project being worked on
  • Reassurance the project will be completed
  • General Contractor with integrity that is licensed and bonded
  • Networks with and refers other contractors that are reliable as me.

I am mindful that the success of my business relies on new, existing, and referral customers hiring me for their projects. I thank you and appreciate you taking the time to gain insight into the services I offer so you can contact me to start your project today.